Tawreeq Investments Programs

Investors are constantly in search for high-quality, income-yielding investment opportunities, especially in the current and prolonged low interest rate environment. This is particularly true for Sharia-compliant investors who face unique challenges in sourcing quality assets of a sufficient scale and return profile.

Our investment programs provide the market with a competitive alternative asset-class investment that is Sharia-compliant, focused on the real economy, and is able to provide a yield superior to other available short-term alternatives…

Tawreeq Trade Finance Fund

A collective investment fund offering quarterly liquidity in unitized form with monthly subscriptions accepted.


Bi-Lateral Financing Facilities

Institutional funding agreements preferred by bank investors; available through Murabaha & Wakalah Islamic structures or through conventional agreements


Tawreeq Short-Term Notes

Luxembourg-registered Sharia-compliant short-term notes


Securitization Vehicle

Tawreeq Investments has developed a platform to manage all primary aspects of securitizing the accounts receivables of corporate clients


Other Tailored Program Investment Opportunities

Tawreeq Investments can tailor program-specific investments that target select geographies or industries